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Finding a reliable service provider for electrical problems in the West Michigan can be challenging, especially in emergencies. Having the right power options can assist during power grid issues or outages. Therefore, finding the best electric service or alternative generators for power supply is vital.

At Belasco Electric, our professionals aim to make your life as comfortable and problem-free as possible. We sell KOHLER home generators and KOHLER commercial generators in West Michigan to meet your alternative power needs.

We offer KOHLER home generator installation services. These services can quickly set up an alternative power source for homes and businesses. This ensures continuous power during utility problems.

KOHLER Home Generator Service – The Answer to all your Alternative Power Problems

Good home generators are a smart way to have power, even if there’s a shortage or problem with the connection. Belasco has the team to provide generator services and maintenance all year long.

KOHLER Co. is a top-rated company for one-source generating systems and accessories needs. They have been in the industry for many years and know how devastating power outages can be.

Thus, KOHLER Co. provides property owners with the most comprehensive solutions for various generator types. These backup generators can help meet your electric power requirements when the grid shuts off. The most common options you can choose from at KOHLER Co. include the following:

While these generator types are famous, professionals commonly install the KOHLER Power Generators.


KOHLER Home Generators & KOHLER Commercial Generators

Superior Performance

The KOHLER generator is one of the most successful and popular power choices for our clients at Belasco Electric. The powered generators are prototype-tested, production-tested, and factory-built. Investing in the gas generators ensures you have power backup all day long and can turn it on whenever needed.
The primary 60 Hz generator set offers a UL 2200 listing and meets NFPA 110, Level 1. These Kohler generators maximize their output when installed according to the NFPA standards.


Systems and components in the KOHLER power generators have a Five year standard warranty up to 2,000 hours. You can also upgrade to a ten year system warranty after installation. KOHLER builds its generators to overcome power outage problems of all kinds. Every KOHLER generator comes with a commercial-grade engine that can handle extensive loads for years to come.

KOHLER Home Generator Installation with Belasco Electric

Looking for reliable home and commercial generator installation? Trust the experts at Belasco Electric to install the top-performing KOHLER generators. These generators are designed to handle power outages and automatically power essential appliances like AC, pumps, and fridges. Plus, KOHLER offers a premium warranty for added protection of your investment. With options for both residential and commercial settings, and a corrosion-proof enclosure for added durability, choose the trusted choice – KOHLER home generator installation by Belasco Electric.

KOHLER generators are ideal for all residential and commercial settings and are trusted by:

The KOHLER Co. generators are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide power outage alternatives. KOHLER Co. has been creating its top-of-the-line generators since 1920 with a straightforward goal:
To build the best generators in the world.

Get your KOHLER Co. Generators Installed Today!

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