Ice Control & De-Icing Services for Better Safety

Operating a commercial business is pretty challenging on its own, so business owners obviously don’t want to make things more challenging than they need be when it comes to exteriors holding up in the elements, not to mention the safety of customers and employees.
Maintaining the outside of your commercial facility is your responsibility; hiring a service for it can make your commercial building safer. Belasco Electric is one of the finest companies that offer de-icing services in the Greatest West Michigan area.

You must ensure your facilities are de-iced and snow-free, regardless of what it is you do.

Belasco Electric has years of experience providing de-icing services throughout Greater West Michigan. Our professionals carry ourselves with professionalism and aim to satisfy every customer efficiently and effectively.

What do our Ice Control Plans include?

The winters can be brutal in West Michigan. Problems with ice shouldn’t get in the way of your business or the long-term safety of those visiting your commercial facilities. Don’t deal with daunting ice problems on your own. Lean on the team of professionals at Belasco Electric to take care of it for you.

We have state-of-the-art de-icing capabilities to help you get the best results based on your requirements. We will work with you extensively to make the facility ultimately safer.

Here are a few de-icing services we provide:

De-icing Treatments

Freezing temperatures wreak havoc because as the temperatures drop, the amount of snow and ice tends to increase. Moreover, black ice collected on the walkways and around your facilities can be another severe health hazard. Injuries will take a toll on your conscious and even land your business in legal trouble.

Preventitive Maintenance

We all know that bad weather during the winter months leaves business owners with little time to prepare. No one wants to scramble in harsh weather. The team at Belasco Electric can help devise de-icing systems unique to your requirements so that you have peace of mind when winter weather strikes.

Don’t Wait Until Its Too Late

Don’t wait for the snow to fall to put your de-icing plan into affect. Call us anytime throughtout the year to establish a proactive solution to your winter de-icing needs. Our team at Belasco Electric is ready to provide peace of mind.

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